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This Kellister range of pure Shetland wool  is from pure bred Shetland sheep owned by Norman and Evelyn Leask, the partners of Anderson & Co.  This wool is specially spun in its natural colours to be knitted into garments produced by Anderson & Co.  These colours are completely natural, containing no dye whatsoever making all garments produced environmentally friendly.  When wearing this unique garment you will be demonstrating your awareness and concerns for the environment and the world at large as well as being warm and comfortable.  This modern product is created from the wonders of nature.


Shetland sheep, native to the Shetland Islands, are a smally hardy breed able to survive on the sparse hill conditions, kept safe from the wind and rain by their coat of very fine, waterproof wool.  The natural colours available are:  white, black, silver grey, medium grey, dark grey, moorit, light moorit, dark fawn, fawn.  Keeping and breeding Shetland sheep to have all the colours has been a lifetime interest for Norman Leask.  The colour combinations reflect the beauty of the rugged Shetland landscape.


To protect and care for this unique jumper, with its natural fibre, you should hand wash or dry-clean it.  To wash by hand you should dissolve a mild detergent in lukewarm water, rinse thoroughly, squeeze water out or give a short spin, ease into shape and dry on a flat surface.  When drying, keep away from direct heat or strong sunlight.