Our Product history

We have a wide selection of traditional Shetland knitwear which we sell online and in-store in Lerwick, Shetland. Anderson and Co only use the finest Shetland wool which is grown and spun in Shetland by Jamieson’s of Shetland. We strive to make sure all our garments are of the highest quality.

You may not be aware that all our garments are made in the knitter’s own home. For each garment we select the correct yarn and pattern in-store and provide to the knitter.  The garment is then made and taken back to us where it is washed and given a final check.

The art of fair isle knitting is using two strands of wool in the same row to form a pattern.



Wool is a very hardy product which needs to be cared for gently. We recommend that all garments are hand washed, using your normal detergent in warm water. Rinse thoroughly in clean warm water before either hand wringing or using the spin cycle on your washing machine. Pull to size/shape and lay flat to dry or use a jumper board.


Shawl Washing

Please use the above washing instructions to wash your shawl. However shawls will benefit from being stretched. We suggest that you lay the shawl on a sheet placed on either a mattress or carpet. Then stretch and pin out all the peaks using large headed pins. Please make sure all pins are removed and accounted for after stretching.



Garments are sold by chest size. The best way to ensure that you order the correct size is to take a comfortable jumper, lay it flat then measure across the chest just under the armpits. If this measures 20 inches then the garment size to order is a size 40.

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